Reverse osmosis, residential and commercial/industrial water treatment systems.


Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. has over 21 years of experience designing, installing and servicing commercial, residential, and industrial water treatment systems. Our reverse osmosis water treatment team in Toronto takes pride in delivering superior quality water treatment products and services to our Southern Ontario customers. Some of our customers would like to share their Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. product and service reviews:

"We want to let you know how happy we are with our new Hills & Valley Water System residential reverse osmosis system. We've had it for about a month and are very happy with the clean and fresh water our home is now receiving. Hills & Valley's technicians installed our reverse osmosis system in a timely fashion, and with little intrusion. We are a family of 7, and our busy household requires water service with no interruption. We have not experienced any water pressure drop since our new reverse osmosis system was installed, even during the busiest times of day when our water usage is more pronounced! The water pressure is much stronger, and the water flow is more consistent, than what our old reverse osmosis system offered. We love the overall efficiency of our new reverse osmosis system, and look forward tomany years of use!"
- Allison H. and family, Russell, Ontario

"We were just about to recondition our existing system with another company when we brought Errol in for a second opinion. He was professional and very knowledgeable of the products and took the time to explain to us why our current system was not working and how his recommendation for us made sense. The installation was smooth and we now feel a huge difference with our skin, hair, even our fridge ice cubes are clear as we were told they should be if our system was working properly. We are so glad we have this new system and happy that now have hot water on demand; something we thought we could never have with our water being so bad. I will be recommending this company to anyone looking for something that works and is expected to work for years to come."
- Nadia, Toronto, Ontario

"The water situation in our newly acquired country home was horrendous (and we mean... HORRENDOUS) Errol assessed the situation, made his recommendations and within a few days - we had a water treatment system that alleviated our many (many) concerns. He and his son (Ayden) worked diligently for two days in order to get this system set up correctly. We appreciated his thoughtfulness, his expertise, and his commitment in doing things right the first time. We would HIGHLY recommend this company, and look forward to seeing them again in one year's time (when they'll come back and service what they started!)"
- Debbie & Daniel Steeves, Ottawa, Ontario

"I recently had another Water Treatment System by another company and had nothing but problems with it. I finally had enough and decided to go with Hills & Valley and haven't looked back since. It's been almost a year now since Errol had installed my Water Treatment System. I have been more than satisfied with the system and the wonderful professional service. Errol made it affordable for me to be able to enjoy the soft water when showering, save my appliances, and kitchen faucets from calcium andlime build up. I highly recommend this company. Thank-you Errol!"
- Sharon, Ottawa, Ontario

"Had RO system installed in our house. Price was very reasonable, but the most impressive was how knowledgeable and professional Errol was. He spent his time listening to our needs, studying the layout of the house and then provided excellent advice. We hung the unit in the basement, which feeds the two faucets and the fridge in the kitchen, and a line to the furnace humidifier. A minor adjustment was needed after installation, and he returned to my house promptly to address the issue. He seemed honest, patient, and down to earth. This was one of my best experience ever dealing with a contractor."
- Jufeng, Ottawa, Ontario

"Errol Judd, thank you, thank you. Carol and I have NEVER had more perfect water than we do now. Our (especially her) skin condition has almost disappeared. Your water knowledge is refreshing (no pun intended). We recommend you and Hills and Valley 100%. Hope your vacation with your boys and your future bride went well."
- Carol and Barry Cicalo, Russell, Ontario

"Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.'s technician was very helpful and easy to work with. His love for his job and his ability to connect with me was refreshing! I was impressed with his explanation of the installation of our Ottawa restaurant's new commercial water filter. It is obvious that you operate your company with honesty and integrity, and now all our restaurant's patrons and employees are benefiting from the clean water that is being supplied to us. Thank you for the excellent water, and your expert service!"
- Debbie M., restaurant owner, Ottawa, Ontario

"Had my new water system installed today by Errol and his son Aiden. I went with the top-of-the-line iron filter unit with a new pressure tank and salt softener. Very satisfied. The job was completed cleanly and quickly, as the whole thing finished in 4 maybe 5 hours. Including uninstalling the "system" I used to have. Errol even cleaned out the debris and junk left on the ground before installing the new system. He kept me informed every step of the way, rushed me into his schedule by making an exception and doing a weekend job (Thanks again!) and gave me a wicked deal at the end of it all. We used this company at the office for a similar system, and another at my fathers with an RO unit as well. All experiences have been amazing. Real top shelf service, knowledge, products, and work. Highly recommended to anyone that is just sick of slowly wasting time and money fixing one problem after the other. Call these guys and get some peace of mind. Job well done!"
- Gabriel, Cornwall, Ontario

"The water in our new home was terrible so we had Errol install a water treatment system and RO. He installed quality equipment, worked diligently, and brought expertise and knowledge to his work. He pays attention to detail and was meticulous with the install. Couldn't get over how soft our skin became; not to mention how the appliances/faucets will be saved. Having an RO is so convenient too. Would definitely call again. Highly recommended!"
- Morris in Victoria Harbour, Toronto, Ontario

"Errol is a stand-up business owner. Answered calls promptly, didn't oversell us on unnecessary features, quality equipment, did high quality work himself and in a short window of initial estimate. Highly recommend this company. Our water tastes fantastic! And no more egg smell and rust. Thank-you Errol!"
- Alyson, Ontario

"We were interested in purchasing a new water treatment system for our cottage last year. After comparing several residential water treatment suppliers, we decided to contact Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. Following a thorough assessment of our cottages private lake water supply and current water purification system, and a very informative presentation, we decided to purchase an ultraviolet sterilization system from their company. The results for our family were immediately noticeable! Our drinking water is now completely disinfected from bacteria and other microorganisms that are common in our lake; it is clear, colourless, and has no strange taste or smell. We no longer worry about the quality of the water that our grandchildren are exposed to when they visit us, and we don't have to buy bottled water anymore! Overall, we are extremely happy that all aspects of our cottages water are completely clean."
- Leo and Barbara L., Smiths Falls, Ontario

"Showed up early. Friendly. Great product. Great service. Follow up phone call next day to make sure satisfied with work. Would definitely call again and recommend!"
- Eric B., Ottawa, Ontario

"Met Errol at the Pakenham Home Show. I liked his professionalism on my pressure problem. Very friendly, and knew what he was doing. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for a GREAT job!"
- Mike Matthews, Smiths Falls, Ontario

"Errol just came into our home and installed a new water treatment system and new jet pump, let me tell you, our water has never been this good for as long as we owned our house. He was very kind and professional, he taught us stuff we either didn't and/or thought we knew. We are very happy with our new water system, and we would definitely recommend this company. I would like to include that Errol went extremely out of his way to get us financing so we could afford the products and services from Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. Errol did everything in his power to make sure our water got properly treated and even showed up in a snow storm. Thank-you so much and keep up the excellent work!"
- John Cheyne, Morrisburg, Ontario

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